Our services

We intervene immediately or by appointment, in all districts of Paris (75) as well as in the departments of Hauts-de-Seine (92), Seine-Saint-Denis (93), and Val-de-Marne (94).

Slammed door opening

ASAP SERRURERIE - Ouverture de porte claquée

A slammed door opening is a damage-free opening on a door that’s simply closed without being locked, whether the door is a conventional or armored model, fitted with a single or multipoint lock.

Locked door opening

ASAP SERRURERIE - Ouverture de porte verouillée

A locked door opening involves opening a locked door with one, two or even three turns of the key.

Lock / Cylinder / Bolt fitting

ASAP SERRURERIE - Pose de serrure, cylindre ou verrou

The installation of a lock, cylinder or bolt is part of a replacement, addition or modification of the door locking system.

Safety reinforcement

ASAP SERRURERIE - Renforcement de sécurité

Security reinforcement optimizes your door’s protection systems by adding complementary elements such as an armored handle, anti-break-in angles or a reinforced pivot bar.

Door armoring

ASAP SERRURERIE - Blindage de porte

Door armoring is a tailor-made solution for reinforcing your existing door while preserving its original appearance.

Armoured door installation

ASAP SERRURERIE - Pose de porte blindée

The installation of an armored door is a complete replacement of your existing door by a new custom-built unit comprising an armored door with its frame and a security lock.

Common areas

ASAP SERRURERIE - Parties communes

For the equipment of all common and private areas and technical rooms, such as cellar doors, automatic door closers, panic bars or even the creation of a wiring diagram.

Other services

ASAP SERRURERIE - Autres services

Assessment of existing systems, security diagnostics, temporary closure, adjustment or repair of doors and locks / cylinders / bolts, mailboxes.