ASAP Serrurerie is a certified company, registered with the Chambre des Métiers et de l’Artisanat as a specialist company 100% dedicated to the locksmith / repairer / fitter trades.

We are available 7 days a week, all year round, from 8am to 2am. For our regular services and repairs, our opening hours are from 8am to 6pm, but we remain on call from 6pm to 2am for all emergency services.

We operate in all the arrondissements of Paris (75), as well as in the Hauts-de-Seine (92), Seine-Saint-Denis (93) and Val-de-Marne (94) departments.

For the sake of transparency, we detail our rates on our website (under the heading OUR PRICES). These same rates are pre-filled on our estimate/billing forms. For operations such as “opening a slammed door” or “opening a locked door”, we offer all-inclusive, fixed-price packages. The price of these packages varies only according to the time or day of the intervention. For the rest, you’ll be provided with a quote based on the service required. Our estimates are always free of charge.

ASAP Serrurerie is your local locksmith and the assurance of a professional who is available, specialized and expert in his trade as a locksmith / repairman / fitter. ASAP Serrurerie has chosen to specialize entirely in the locksmith trades, to guarantee the best possible service.

We provide a 1-year labor warranty on all our work. Products installed have variable warranties depending on brand and supplier conditions.

ASAP Serrurerie works both as a last-minute response to an urgent request and by making an appointment by email or telephone.

A 10% VAT rate applies to all work carried out in a home that is at least 2 years old. If the house is less than 2 years old, the VAT rate is 20%. Interventions carried out on behalf of a company are subject to 20% VAT.

We can be reached by telephone on +33(0) 1 89 16 70 85, by email at contact@asapserrurerie.fr or by post at 23/25 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau 75001 Paris.

A slammed door is a door that is simply closed without being locked. Door repair involves non-destructive opening using a variety of methods, most often the radio technique.

In most cases, no damage is done during the procedure.

A locked door is opened on a door that has been locked with a single, double or even triple key. In this case, if fine opening techniques don’t work, our locksmith will have to drill through your lock. This means that once the door has been opened, a replacement of your lock will have to complete the intervention. If this is the case, we’ll provide you with a customized quote.

Lock/cylinder/latch installation can be carried out in a number of ways, for example, to reinforce your existing installation or to replace your locking system completely. We can advise you on the different models available, according to your needs and budget.

Whether your door is armored or not, there are several solutions. Security reinforcement allows you to optimize your locking systems and your door by installing, for example, an anti-pinch angle, an armored handle or a pivot bar. Depending on your requirements.

Door shoring is a solution that can be adapted to all types of door, enabling you to strengthen the door as a whole while preserving its original exterior appearance. In most cases, different security elements can be added to complete the door’s security.

Installing an armored door involves replacing the entire existing door with an armored door unit. An armored door is made up of several security components. The door assembly consists of an armored door, a reinforced frame and a high-security lock with several locking points, all of which comply with different standards to guarantee optimum security.

For common or private areas, and to manage all the security equipment in your offices, premises or buildings, we offer solutions for all types of requests relating to locksmithing, secure access, cellar doors, technical doors, installation of automatic door closers, panic bars or the creation of flowcharts.

At ASAP Serrurerie, we can assist you with all your locksmithing / breakdown / installation needs. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or telephone.